Current Features

- Define Host, Network, and Managed Firewall objects
- Define Groups of Host and Network objects
- Define Services by protocol type, source port(s) and destination port(s)
- Define Rate objects by packets over time (seconds, minutes, hours, days) and burst
- Build graphical firewall ruleset with above objects
- Build graphical NAT (Network Address Translation) rules with above objects
- Generate IP Tables compatible scripts for use on remote firewall
- Edit multiple policies at the same time

Future Features
- Deploy and run scripts on remote firewalls
- Perform certain management or status tasks on remote firewalls
- Link global policies for common parts of multiple policies (like an "include")
- Auditing of all policy changes
- Undo changes functionality
- Importing of objects, services, or rules from other policies
- Drag and Drop
- IPv6 support
- Support for other types of firewalls besides iptables

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