Java VM 1.4 (or later)

Download from Sun
for building from source only
Download from Apache

To check prerequisites, type the following:
# java -version
should return "java version 1.4" or higher

# ant
should not give any errors, but is only required for compiling JWall from source code

JWall is available as a .tgz file from the downloads area. 

For *nix:
Download and save the .tgz file. 
Type the following:
# tar -zxvf jwall-<version>.tgz
# cd jwall

# ./

For Windows:
Download and save the .tgz file.
Unzip the file with WinZip or similar.
Edit the line that starts with "set BASE_DIR=" in the runJWall.bat file.
run JWall by double-clicking the runJWall.bat script

To download and build from CVS:
# mkdir jwall
# cd jwall
# cvs login
# cvs -z3 co jwall
# ant jar

You can then run the new jar like above
# java -jar bin/jwall.jar &
or use the runJWall scripts


For any questions or comments on the JWall project, please contact
Zachary Link

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